A popular and versatile site, the 6th Street Bridge has provided the filming location for a diverse collection of movies, TV shows and music videos. The recently paved base camp area 28,000 sq. ft and is designed specifically with filming in mind. This fenced-in area features enough parking for 100 vehicles, electric […]


        The 6th Street Bridge is a prime photography location – from gritty, industrial landscape photography to edgy catalog shots to nostalgic portraits of the bridge. The location has appeared in hundreds of magazines, catalogs and advertisements. A license-free, public-domain piece, this landmark and its graffiti murals provide a great urban backdrop […]


        Located in the Arts District of historic downtown Los Angeles, the 6th Street Bridge has been a popular commercial filming site for decades. Owned by the nearby Rancho Cold Storage facility, the bridge’s filming location and base camp are designed for commercial and other film crews. The iconic bridge spans the […]

Art District – LA

The Downtown Los Angeles Arts District, previously known as the Warehouse District, occupies the eastern side of Downtown Los Angeles. Its borders are roughly Alameda Street on the west, the 101 freeway on the north, the LA River on the east, and 7th Street on the south. The area is sometimes referred to as the "Artist" or "Artists District" on official City of Los Angeles signs.

Rancho Cold Storage

Rancho Cold Storage features an excellent industrial filming location of its own. The family-owned and operated facility has served the Los Angeles area since 1985 and is located near the 6th Street Bridge. This state-of-the-art warehouse facility boasts 2 million cubic feet of interior space, and has been used as the filming location for many music videos, reality TV shows and industrial training videos.

Roof Top Views

Overlooking the iconic 6th Street Bridge in downtown Los Angeles, the rooftop of Rancho Cold Storage is prime filming location for all types of entertainment. The cinder-block roof features mazes of metal pipes and views of the US-101 and I-5 freeways, Metrolink and Union Pacific rail lines and nearby industrial warehouse facilities, making this section of historic downtown Los Angeles a favorite gritty, urban backdrop for many film productions.

Scenic Bridge Views

Located in historic downtown Los Angeles, Rancho Cold Storage and the iconic 6th Street Bridge overlook nearby loading docks and warehouse facilities. This industrial, urban neighborhood has provided the filming location for hundreds of productions, including movies, TV shows and music videos. The site of many a chase scene, this versatile and nondescript location has been used as a backdrop for productions set all over the world.